Striping Back

We Get Customers to Line Up!

A parking lot is one of the first things noticed by customers, clients, and visitors entering a facility. The color contrast of a newly striped lot is attractive and is a good indication that the property owner understand the importance of the first & last experience of their customers.

A well-marked parking lot directs people safely around the parking area. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading-zone markings, and properly marked pickup areas inform pedestrians where they should walk, when to give right-of-way to traffic, and what areas to avoid.  It makes parking lots a lot safer!

To help preserve or improve the flow of traffic on a parking lot, Parking Lots Services, Inc/1800Asphalt line striping crews will either re-stripe or lay out new markings per customer’s blueprints or our design.

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"they kept their promise, solved unforeseen problems that happen with Florida weather and came back to fix a couple issues that were identified in a timely, happy manner"

-Apartment Community